Friday, June 26, 2009

Night Vision

Some of you were curious to see my Doll Head Gate with the motion-sensor eyes lit up. We managed to dig up a few...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting Noticed! Motion-Sensor Doll Head Gate

A couple of years ago I built this Doll Head Gate, as a unique installation of motion-sensor lighting. The doll faces and sculpted ornamentation include wired electrical so that the eyes light up when motion is detected.

Here's the story...

My friend Bob did not have a fence separating the front from the back yard. Consequently, people began to help themselves to bicycles and other fun stuff kept around back. At the same time, my cousin across town had torn down a patio cover, and had salvaged the beams, and a few joists. It was also the month of "Neighborhood Clean-up", a city funded program where one throws this years junk in the street and the City hauls it away. That's where the gates came from. And the baby heads? Huge bins of baby heads at Berkeley Re-Use. It was my first time there. Got some cool X-Ray's too.

The basic structure of the archway was easy. I put more effort into the heads. The back of each head was carefully removed, and the face was mounted to a plaque, in the spirit of a big game trophy. I tried to mount each head according to it's position on the horizontal beam so that each would be looking at a pedestrian coming up the center of the drive. This was important because the eyes of each head are lit and triggered by a motion detector.

I spent a little time enhancing some of the heads in other ways. I created a "ring-leader baby head" with handlebar mustache and top hat (made from a frosting container), and a "Baby T", with mohawk and side-burns (no mustache). Everything was finished with flat white for that shabby-chic touch of elegance.

Thanks to Casa Sugar for their detailed writeup on the Doll Head Gate.
Read it here!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Getting Noticed! Etsy Find on Casa Sugar

Thanks to Casa Sugar for their writeup on our Maple Storage Bench.

"With its streamlined, modern design, compact size, and multiple compartments, it's the perfect place to tuck away everything from shoes to laptop cases when you come home at the end of your workday...I can see this coming in handy as extra seating for a party — just pick it up by its handles and move it to your living room or dining room."

Check out the full story here.