Monday, December 27, 2010

You think you know somebody...

Last night I was talking with my Aunt Donna. She's always been one of my favorite people. For much of my childhood she lived on a series of sail boats in Mission Bay, San Diego, and I loved spending summers there. I used to get sea sick, but I might be able to sail because of her.

She's retired from nursing now, living in Fresno, caring for my Grandma (another one of my favorite people).

After the earthquake in Haiti, she told us she was going to travel down there with a group of doctors. She did, and when she returned, told us about the devastation, and how wonderful the people were, and that she intended to go back.

It's several months later now, and she's returned to Haiti multiple times. Last night, as she was telling us about her latest trip, she mentioned that we could see photos on her website. "What website?"
"My website,".

Now I've been to her website, and read every word. It's a little bit hard to read. It takes me out of my warm home, away from my family, and makes me question the things I take for granted. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it yet, but as for you, I'd encourage you to go to her website, read her story, and make a donation. As you can see, she's doing good stuff with the money.

You can donate here.



Wednesday, December 15, 2010

California Home + Design

Here's another cool piece of press. People seem to love this thing.
I owe Ron Dack some thanks for this one.
If he didn't actually come up with the idea, he at least inspired it
(although I like getting all the credit).

We're in the L.A. Times

I meant to mention this before the Unique LA Show, which I also meant to mention. We've been getting some pretty decent free publicity, or press, as it is sometimes called.
I think we're on to something.
We keep knocking out projects and products, but I seem too busy working to talk about it.
I just designed a multilevel, 1200 square foot deck, complete with small 2 story "Castle", which I look forward to starting. We're ordering the stone for the castle and garden walls tomorrow. The stone is quarried somewhere near Tahoe, I think.
I also just designed a cool kitchen which I hope to start after the new year. Small, but unique. I'll post the pictures when they're a little more fine tuned.
Off to Fresno this weekend to celebrate Eric Burke's 40th. Happy Birthday Eric!
And I certainly can't forget my favorite niece, Lilli, who turns 11 the same day. Unfortunately, I have to wait a week to celebrate her birthday.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I might've worn robes in another life.

Like a lot of guys, I like Star Wars (not the new ones, of course). And I was just thinking about how the bad-asses of the film, the Jedi, get to wear bathrobes and slippers all day. I'm sure they're not ordinary JC Penney bathrobes, but still, I think that's one of the ways you know you've made it. I can only imagine what it would be like to show up to work in a bathrobe. Any guy that works in a bathrobe probably has an ottoman in his office.
Monks and priests, and guys that hand out diplomas get to wear bathrobes to work too. It must be nice. I wonder if they had that day when they thought to themselves, "This is the last time I ever have to wear pants". Or maybe the robe thing happened so naturally that one day the Pope thought, "Jesus, it's been years since I've worn a pair of pants."
I usually put on a pair of sweat pants when I get home from work, but I'm not trying to kid myself by puttin' on a robe.