Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We're in the L.A. Times

I meant to mention this before the Unique LA Show, which I also meant to mention. We've been getting some pretty decent free publicity, or press, as it is sometimes called.
I think we're on to something.
We keep knocking out projects and products, but I seem too busy working to talk about it.
I just designed a multilevel, 1200 square foot deck, complete with small 2 story "Castle", which I look forward to starting. We're ordering the stone for the castle and garden walls tomorrow. The stone is quarried somewhere near Tahoe, I think.
I also just designed a cool kitchen which I hope to start after the new year. Small, but unique. I'll post the pictures when they're a little more fine tuned.
Off to Fresno this weekend to celebrate Eric Burke's 40th. Happy Birthday Eric!
And I certainly can't forget my favorite niece, Lilli, who turns 11 the same day. Unfortunately, I have to wait a week to celebrate her birthday.

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