Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ryan's Yo-Yo's

I've known Ryan Williams 15 years or so, from my Fresno California days. A couple of months ago, when we came over to his house to hang out, he said, excitedly, "I've got something to show you."
He ducked into the hall, but I could still hear him talking, "For years I've been meaning to show you these, and every time you come over, before you show up, I try to remember to bring them out..."


So here's the brief.
When Ryan was a (younger) boy, he spent a lot of time hanging out with his Grandpa, Walter Cull.

As I remember the story, Ryan and his grandfather were in a toy store one day when young Ryan found a Yo-Yo. His grandfather, dis-satisfied with the plastic yo-yo's quality said he could make a better one, and so he did.

And then another and another.

He collected exotic woods, and created one unique design after another. He made them so well that he began to sell them, and he sold quite a few. Each yo-yo he sold included a little booklet describing the various exotic woods used for making them. But here's the coolest part - He made 2 of every design ; One to sell and one for Ryan.

Now Ryan has this awesome collection.

Here's a full page article from the Modesto Bee, April 20th, 1987, about Ryan, and his Grandfather.
"The designs emerge after he laminates small pieces of wood into a block, then cuts the yo-yo spools on the lathe in his garage shop."

The fun continues with Ryan and Remy.