Tuesday, August 18, 2009

AIRSTREAM Renderings

I finally started rendering the 1968 Airstream. Kind of complicated as rendering shapes goes.
Didn't get to the bathroom yet, and may not, since it probably won't change.

Here you can see the rear left side (on the right) which includes a small closet, and bench/shelf that covers the left wheel well.

Above is the rear right side (left). At the front is a seat, or shelf, which covers the existing wheel well. Moving towards the back we see 3 curved shelves, 3 drawers, a desk area, and fridge.

The view from the back to the front. An IKEA sofa bed (gotta save money somewhere) between a pair of matching shelves/cabinets.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Entire Life's Dream (The Airstream Story)

Hi Everyone, it's Josh's wife Jen here... I thought I'd share some images from the 1968 Airstream Manual. I adore these images, and how they illustrate the Airstream way of life.

Here's an excerpt from the Wally Byam Creed, (Founder of Airstream, Inc.) -- "In the Heart of these words is an entire life's dream. To those of you who find in the promise of these words, your promise, I bequeath this creed... my dream belongs to you."

The Airstream Creed:
To keep alive and make real an enduring promise of high adventure and faraway lands...of rediscovering old places and new interests.

To open a whole world of new experiences... a new dimension in enjoyment where travel adventure and good fellowship are your constant companions.

To encourage clubs and rallies that provide an endless source of friendships, travel fun and personal expression.

To lead caravans wherever the four winds blow...over twinkling boulevards, across trackless deserts...to the traveled and untraveled corners of the earth.

To play some part in promoting international goodwill and understanding among the peoples of the world...

To strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you to follow a rainbow to its end...and thus make your travel dreams come true..."

Really quite lovely, don't you think? Enjoy...

Airstreams all around the world...

Airstream Rally -- can you believe how many are pictured?!

Yes, it's true. There are some days that I dream of being this woman...

"The Airstream Story doesn't end here... only the words and the pictures. It is only the beginning for you; the beginning of a more meaningful way of life that will open a whole new world of travel adventure..."

Friday, August 7, 2009

Uncle Larry's Nightstands

Here's a couple of walnut nightstands in progress. Designed to match a bedroom set from the 40's or 50's. Not really sure when they were built. Some details were included, such as the leg taper and fluting, while other details were changed, like making them 3 legged, and adding a drawer at the bottom where there would have been nothing. Should be done on Monday.