Monday, September 20, 2010

So much to tell...

The new ABLE And BAKER design studio is up and running in Ventura, and we've already managed to crank out several cool projects, with several more on the horizon.

We've had more work than expected, and haven't had time to work on our little art/furniture gallery. As a result, we're postponing the opening date to mid October. When we pick a real date, we'll buy a case of the finest Charles Shaw and let you know.

In an effort to get more of my personal creations out there, I've been working evenings and weekends (which is pretty much my M.O. anyway). I recently whipped out this cool table.
I'm a big fan of institutional furniture, which is typically built to take some abuse. This table includes some classic elements from Ernie Pyle Elementary School classroom furniture, including high-density 13 ply maple, high-pressure laminate table top, and steel tubing. Of course, there's more to it, including the obvious connections to mid-century modern, and sci-fi design. The sci-fi influence is really a result of looking to the future of design, rather than trying to capture elements of sci-fi specifically.