Monday, September 28, 2009

New Item - Picture Frames, $50 each

I had a request for some custom picture frames. The client wanted 40, simple, white box frames. I've had requests from others as well, so I think I'll put together a frame package, based on the same design. I'll have to work out the details, but they'll probably end up around $1000 per 20 custom frames ($50 each), depending on size & finish. It's a lot of labor.
I didn't take any photos during the milling and assembly stages, but here are some assembled Poplar frames, prior to finishing.

Inspecting the surface and joints.

Another pass through the surface sander.

Frames in the finishing room. These received 3 coats of a Shellac based primer (sanding between coats, of course) and 2 coats of Satin Lacquer. Nothing but the best.

"And Voila!", as Gerard would say.

...and in the gallery.

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