Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thanksgiving thru Unique LA

The day after Thanksgiving , we took a look at the site in Fresno where the Airstream will ultimately be parked. Behind me is Vicente Aello, the proud new owner.Afterwards, we drove to San Luis Obispo. We hit a little rain during the drive, which made for an incredible sunset.
We spent the weekend celebrating my nephew Luke's 1st birthday, and the 40th anniversary of my in-laws.
We had several suites, including the "Pick and Shovel" room, which was 2 story, 3 bedroom, 2 baths (with heated toilet), and this living room with this giant red leather couch.
The Madonna Inn is more than worth a stop, even if it's just to take a leak or get a cup of coffee.
The main dining room is always pink, but the special Xmas decor is nuts.
The wood carving on the right is the entrance to the hand carved bar .
My Nephew David.
Richard Zahigian tells another story.
The following weekend I traveled down South again for the Unique LA show. Here's a shot of our booth/store.

The event was held in the penthouse of the downtown LA Market Center. Great views.

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