Friday, January 1, 2010

This Xmas

My Wife's Father, Richard Zahigian, grew up in and retired from the grocery business. He began at the family store, Zahigian's Market, in what is now Easton, California. In the 70's the business was sold, and eventually became The Big Potato Market, at the same location.
While in college, Richard took a course in drawing and graphic design. He had aspirations to be a draftsman or designer, perhaps in the auto industry. Unfortunately these dreams were derailed by the demands of his father and the family business. Judging by his great success in the grocery business, it seems he may have chosen the right path.
However, a couple of years ago Richard brought out a grocery bag from Zahigians market, and mentioned that he had drawn the original design. I was quite impressed with the drawing, not only because of the quality of the rendering, but also because I'd never seen the application of his skill as a designer.
Recently I scanned his original design and applied it to a grocery bag I modified in Photoshop. Jen and I surprised her family this Xmas with these T-shirts we had printed.
Pictured below is Luke, currently the youngest Zahigian.

As some of you may know, one of my hobbies is model railroading.
This is the newest addition to the garden railroad. It's a small European style inn, about 24 inches high.

Since I can never leave well enough alone, I modified it with these solar lights that are meant to be mounted on stair treads. They're discrete, to scale (sort-of), and were only $10 for the four lights.

Night at the Inn.
You gotta admit it looks pretty cool.

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