Friday, July 15, 2011

The Treehouse in Progress

In my "spare" time, I'm usually building something. This past winter my Father-in-law told me he wanted to build a treehouse "for the little guys", referring to my 3 nephews, David, Richard, and Luke.
By now, we all know this is part of his M.O. When he say's it's for "the little guys", such as, "the little guys want ice cream", or "the little guys want a cup coffee", I have a feeling he's acting on their behalf, and not necessarily with their knowledge.
He can never get high enough on his property to see far enough across the valley, and it really is a good view. And besides that, who wouldn't want a treehouse?

Anyhow, we got started in cooler weather, and I insisted that if I were going to build this thing that I had help. Steve jumped in, and so did Rich.

The tree house is located on the highest point on his property, which sits on the western edge of the Conejo Valley.
Day 3, (but 3 months into the project) I began the railing. I think this will be one of the cooler details when it's done. The railing is tilted out about 10 degrees to make the tree house feel a little bigger.

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