Sunday, January 8, 2012

What I did on my Winter Vacation

My sister moved to Saint Helena last year. We managed to get up there for a couple of weekends in December. The first weekend I was up there my niece, Lilli, started telling me about a project she had to do. She was studying the Egyptians, and had to do some kind of presentation about something she had learned.

I could tell she was hoping I'd give her a hand, so I took her to the art store, got some supplies and we went to work on a models of two different types of Egyptian dwellings. The one we're working on in these pictures is for the upper class. We built another, smaller one that represented the regular folk.

We went on a walk, and gathered moss and small twigs to make trees and bushes for the diorama.

...Then back to the shop to wrap up some "Four Aces Record Frames" before the holiday.

We had a couple more free days so we built a ladder and staircase for the tree house at my father-in-law's. A couple more details and a fresh coat of paint and we'll be ready for final photos.

Last week my Sister came down to Ventura for a visit. Here's a picture of my lovely wife and niece.

New years day, California style. It was in the mid-70's.

Then a long fun day at Disneyland. The usual crew plus my Sister on the left.

Happy New Year. It's half time. Steelers are down.

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  1. Awesome! Your niece is lucky to have someone of your skill willing to help her with projects. That diorama looked pretty cool!