Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Cuba, Farmington

I had a little trouble getting the electrical hooked up from my truck to the trailer. My truck, which previously belonged to PG&E, had a commercial tow hook-up. After changing it to a more common tow plug, I still had no brakes or brake lights on the trailer. I ran some wire from my truck, through the Airstream, and out the back window to operate some temporary brake lights, which would get me out of Las Vegas.
We got to Santa Fe, and I found Hal Burns RV repair. The guy who seemed to be running the place was a little crotchety, and I felt pretty confident he'd just as soon see us drive off a cliff as get help with our trailer brakes. Never-the-less, we arrived early enough that he was able to put Bill, his lead mechanic, on the job.
Bill was kind, sympathetic, and eager to see us up and running. He had things figured out in no time, so we had him check the trailer brakes and bearings while we were there. Once again, everything looked great (though Bill through a little extra grease on the bearings, just for good measure).
We spent a little time in Santa Fe since we'd never been there before, but eventually headed Northwest, through Los Alamos, and eventually landed in Farmington, New Mexico. The trailer handled beautifully the whole way, and the drive was amazing. Everyday since the trip began, we've experienced brief thunderstorms. This made for great temperatures for travelling through the desert, and the most incredible skies and sunsets I've ever seen. Hopefully you can get a good look at what we saw at my travelling companions websites:, and (check out his videos).
By the way, if you ever need a room in Farmington New Mexico, call ahead to make sure that the National High School Rodeo Finals are not in progress. If they are, you may want an Airstream because there may not be any rooms available.

The very capable Bill at Hal Burns RV. (Thanks for your help)

A brief stop at the Senator Clinton P. Anderson Scenic Route vista point.

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