Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vince's Airstream

The history of this project, the people involved, and how it came to be is too much to explain, but in brief: Chris (who's in Austin) gave Vince ( this 1968 Airstream Ambassador, which is located in Las Vegas, New Mexico, in Butch's backyard. Chris asked if I could turn this thing into something, and enlisted me in the task of picking it up and taking back to California. There I'll be parking it at the shop in Berkeley, and Vince & I will tear it apart and put it back together in some kind of new configuration. Eventually the Airstream will end up back in Fresno California as Vince's new office/studio.
The voyage began a few days ago in California with my spouse Jennifer ( and Vince. We're here in Las Vegas now, getting things together, and ready for the trip back home. You can stay posted and get more info on the trip at Jen's website and blog, where she has some great photos (such as these below).

Las Vegas, NM


  1. Josh,

    Any ideas about the new configuration? Sounds like a fun job. I can't believe Vicente got one in such good shape!


  2. What an amazing project, cannot wait to see how it turns out. As a Berkeley resident, I am also hoping you guys will have a viewing so we can admire your handiwork in person before it sets off for its final Fresno destination.