Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sorry I'm late...

On my way to work. Not sure what time it is. Whenever the sun comes up, I guess. I hear about snow in some parts of the country...Last Sunday, instead of blogging, I went to breakfast with my old friend Chris, his Wife Sylvia, and their son Theo, which may or may not be short for Theodore. Leaving the restaurant, we passed by this little yellow schoolhouse in Albany where I saw an old green planter box, which I happened to build. Prior to this it sat in our backyard for a couple of years.

The beautiful Jen Zahigian.

I met Chris in 1984. I met Theo more recently.

Of course, I couldn't write in my digital journal without mentioning the Airstream. This is the template for the bathroom wall. That's John Curl in the background.

Finally, the drive back to The City at the end of the day.

...and the next day, back at the Airstream.

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