Sunday, February 14, 2010

Guest House / Garage

Here's 3 views of a detached garage with a guest house on top. I drew most of it this morning during breakfast. There's lots of missing or incomplete details, but it's enough to get the idea.
I didn't put any details into the white garage doors, but you may notice that there are 2 smaller ones at this end, on adjacent walls. This is the bicycle garage. People need to give their bikes as much love as their cars (probably more). With both doors open, you can get bikes out of either side, or just have more daylight when you're working on your awesome bikes.
I like the bench built into the railing outside the double doors. The back follows the curve of the arbor overhead, and hangs over the side, above the small garage door.

If you like this, wait till I finish the main house.


  1. I think we would be perfectly happy living in the guest house!

  2. If I help install a "Fireman's Pole" at the left side of the Bench/Bike Door, will you let me take the car for a spin? (and I do mean SPIN!)