Thursday, February 4, 2010

Portrait of a Young Girl

Long before Josh built furniture pieces and living spaces, he painted. Josh doesn't have time to paint much other than drywall these days, and if he did, I wonder what he would paint. A series of home and furniture designs? Many of his paintings now belong to other people, which means I don't have much physical proof that this time in his life existed. In those days, we weren't great at documenting his work. One of my favorite Josh paintings is this portrait of a young girl. Thankfully, this painting lives in the home of Josh's sister, so occasionally I get to see her. The girl's painted image is about three feet tall, and she beams so brightly, it makes my heart ache in a wonderful way. He painted her before we even met, more than ten years ago. It makes me happy to think of him then, creating. He's always creating something. And, quite often his creations cause people to appear as joyful as the young girl in the painting.


See more of Josh's paintings here.

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