Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Did we mention PINE CONES? I mean Solar.

Hey there! Yeah you.
Did I hear you say you want the money-saving, environmentally friendly advantage of Solar Energy but don't want to make your beautiful Tuscany style roof look like a Coleco-vision?

Well friend, look no further! Discover Solar Pergola!
The great new way to accomplish all those things I just said!

(pictured above, 15' x 15' x 60' Pergola with Solar Panels)

We build Solar Pergola from scratch with only the finest ingredients.

We begin with a structural frame made from 100% Ground Contact Pressure Treated Douglas Fir. Then we cover each piece of lumber with heavy duty Maintenance Free UV Resistant Vinyl.

The whole thing gets bolted together with Heavy Duty Hot Dip Galvanized nuts, bolts & hardware. Finally, we cover your new pergola with Solar Panels, providing enough power to easily pay for itself.

As if that weren't enough, when you build your Pergola as a Solar Structure, you get to take advantage of the 30% Solar Tax Credit, and apply it to the cost of the Pergola as well! For more information, give us a call, or call our partners at Solar Universe!

Meet our construction photo models...Isidro, Josh, and Jason.

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  1. Oh man.. This is so cool! I wonder how much that costs though. I also wonder if it can be applied to a car port instead. I live out in the woods and get frequent power outages. I live out in the middle of the woods and have frequent power outages and the generator died. Something like this is very appealing. But I'm not in the right state or part of the country. It still is very cool work.
    I hope more people take advantage of this option.