Monday, September 19, 2011

Able And Baker at the Emmys

We recently had the opportunity to contribute some things to the Emmys this year. Among our contributions was one of Jen Zahigian's photos in our exclusive ABLE & BAKER 13 Ply Maple Frame. Each celebrity, or whoever handles their stuff, received one in their gift bag. Hopefully they appreciate it, or at least give it to someone who does.

Each frame is

+ Made with FSC (Forestry Stewardship) certified ply
+ Hand Finished with an Organic Beeswax blend, revealing a naturally rich wood grain
+ Includes Framer's Grade Acrylic and felt bumpers
+ Handcrafted in our woodshop

We make the frame stock in our Ventura, California woodshop, but the actual frames are assembled by Jesus and Manor at Worldview Pictures, also in Ventura.

Our Wood-Ply frames are now available in our online shop
(This week enter Autumn30 at checkout to get 30% Off!)

Want to order a large quantity, or Need a Custom Size? Let us know.

(Thanks to Janeen at for inviting us to participate)

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