Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ventura Ventana

Check this out -
Our local design rag, Ventana, featured us in the September issue. Kudos to us. I know September was awhile back, but I been busy, yo.

In a seemingly unrelated post, I had the strangest dream the other night.

I was at my friend Tristen's old house in the country. They always had a bunch of animals out there, like dogs, horses and peacocks. So it wasn't strange when, in my dream, I looked out the window and saw a dozen or so really furry black cats. What was strange however, was that about half of them were wearing prescription glasses. The same kind Julie Kotter wore on Welcome Back Kotter.
I woke up from the dream laughing. Then I got to thinking, "You know, you never see animals with prescription glasses." Then it occurred to me that there probably aren't even optometrist vets. Well, one thing led to another, and I created the Eye Chart For Cats.

So for all you cat lovers out there, here is the first step towards better feline vision care.

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